Lawnfawnatics challenge entry.

Hi everyone! It has been quiet here for a while but it’s summer so I’m trying to spend more time outside when I can 🙂
Today is my last day of vacation (unfortunately!) and I really enjoyed my time off. I love summer and I wish it could be summer all year long!
I also love making summercards! I see a lot of people who already start making Halloween and even Christmascards but I’m still in summermode 🙂

Today I want to share another beachthemed card with you. The current Lawnfawnatics challenge asks for an interactive card. I decided to give the reveal wheel another try. Somehow I didn’ t like to work with the reveal wheel that much. But I realised that I could make the reveal wheel cards a lot better if I created a scene on it, just like I do for other cards. And yes, the reveal wheel is just as much fun to make as other interactive cards this way! Yay! 🙂

This is the card that I made:

I’m happy with how the card turned out, even though there are a few details that I should have done differently. But I’ll keep those things in mind for next time!

I hope you like the card that I made and that you are enjoying the summer just as much as I do! See you soon!

Working with Heffy Doodle stamps and stencil.

Hi everyone! A little while ago I ordered some things from Heffy Doodle for the first time. They have beautiful stamps, stencils and dies so I wanted to give it a try. I ordered a stampset with funny aliens and a stencil with waves. And I received 2 little extra stamps as well! Such a fun suprise!

I already had an idea what to make with the alien stampset. My nephew turned 10 and I also wanted to participate with the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge. The theme of this week is, add a number.
This was the card that I made:

It was the first time that I made a galaxy background and I am happy with how it turned out 🙂

For the next card I used the stencil with the waves and a mermaid.

I’m very happy with this card! I love the sparkly waves!

The last card that I want to show you today is made with the horse stamp.

A simple card but I also love how it turned out! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my creations and see you soon!

About mermaids and cleaning alcohol markers.

Hi everyone! Today I want to share 2 mermaid cards with you and the reason why cleaning your alcohol markers is a good thing to do!
A while ago I learned to work with alcohol ink and gilding flakes. The gilding flakes are not really my thing but I wanted to try to work with foil instead. So I ordered a few colors of alchol ink and foil and got started.
This was the result:

The background on the right was my first attempt but didn’t work out. My ink was still to wet and the foil didn’t stick to it. But, I did love the look of the background! It was perfect for a seathemed card in my opinion!
The second background came out just like it should, isn’t it gorgious? Not sure for what type of card I will use the left background, time will tell 😉

So I started with the first mermaid card that I had in mind. I wanted to make a shakercard because I had a certain sequinsmix in my mind that I wanted to use. Wich I in the end didn’t use because the colors didn’t match like I had in mind. But the background was perfect for the card!

The little dots that you see, that’s chunky glitter. I though it would mingle with the sequins but most of it just stuck on the acetate. Not what I had in mind but I do love the effect of it. I really love how this card turned out. How about you?

Last week I was in a Belgian shop called Action. I found a nice paperpack with seathemed patterned paper and I could not resist to take one home.
I love patterned paper but find it quite hard to make cards with it. So I gave myself a little challenge to make a mermaid card with this patterned paper 🙂
This is the card that I made:

I think this card turned out nice as well but it sure didn’t go smoothly to make it! First I colored my images with my flex- and copicmarkers, both alcoholbased markers. A little while ago a friend of mine told me that she had cleaned her markers. I had no idea you could do that but I found it interesting because my flexmarkers were a bit dirty indeed.

But first I had an issue with my markers before I cleaned them. I colored the mermaid in and then the little seahorse. I use the pink marker on the pictures above and a little dot of dried up ink fell of the cap right in the middle of the mermaid her face!! I gently tried to remove it but it made a stain … I tried to save the image by using a sand eraser on the spot. It helped but there was still a dark pink dot in her face… so I colored a new one.

The day after I went to the store and bought rubbing alcohol and cleaned all my markers. It was really necessary for some of the markers and now they look like new 🙂

Can you see the difference? 😉

I hope you enjoyed seeing my 2 new cards and see you soon!

Center picture window card

Hi everyone! It has been a busy time around here. My kids were busy with their exams, the end of the schoolyear and I was busy at work and home.
But I did manage to make a few cards! Just didn’t find much time posting them as well. But here they are!

The first card that I want to show you, is the birthday card for my daughter.
She turned 15 yesterday, time flies! I made her a center picture window card from Lawn Fawn with these cute ice creams. Wich were really the right choice as it was 35°C here yesterday pfieww!

I think these center picture window cards are so cute! They are really fun to make and you can be really creative with them.

And there is more. I also made a 3D scalloped pop up box card with the cool penguins from My favorite things and some Lawn Fawn stampsets. I love making pop up boxes!

Aren’t they cute and cool? Summer themed card really are my favorite cards to make 🙂

And than there is this card… I made the back ground as a testpiece but I was so happy with how it turned out. The Wish upon a star stampset from Mama Elephant popped up in my head right away. It was a perfect match with the background in my opinion. So this is the card that I made…

I think this card is so sweet!

My son asked me to make some thank you cards that he wanted to give to his favorite teachers. I recently learned how to work with alcohol inks and I love it! So I made 2 different backgrounds and created 2 simple thank you cards. I think they turned out really nice! The idea for the cards came from a video from Ahley Tucker.

Well, this was a long blog post but now you’re all up to date again 🙂 Now summervacation has started there will be more time to craft and post again.

See you soon!

Under the sea.

Hi everyone! Today it’s really hot here in Belgium. This morning we made a nice walk and it was already 28°C by 11 am! So this afternoon, I stayed inside and made a ‘refreshing’ card with an ‘under the sea’ scene.

I used several ocean themed sets for this card so I could build a nice scene.
The background is made with alcohol inks.
Because I had a few images left, I used those on the inside of the card.

I hope that you all had a sunny and relaxing weekend! See you soon!

Seas the day.

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, Lawn Fawn released their new products. I think this release is just fantastic! I couldn’t wait to receive my order and to make some cards. Today I made this card.

The great thing about the Lawn Fawn stampsets is that you can mix and match them as much as you want. So for this card I used 3 stampsets: Smooth sailing, On the beach and Keep swimming, to make the inside scene.

The card turned out just like I wanted. The front is a window view of a boat on the sea.

The inside of the cars shows what is going on at the sea, above and below the water.

I really enjoyed making this card and I hope you like it the result as much as I do!

See you soon!

Workshop card

Hi everyone! Last Thursday my mother in law and I went to a workshop.
The hobbystore Craft & Things in Antwerp gives great cardmaking workshops and we love to go there. It’s pretty far driving for us but always so much fun!

In this workshop we would work with alcohol inks. I was already interested in alcohol inks for a while now because you can have fabulous backgrounds with it. But I was in doubt to buy the inks because I wasn’t sure if I would like working with it. And also because you need a few supplies to get started as well.

But… I loved it! So I bought a few supplies to get started. I got a blue-ish and green color like we used for the seaweed on the card. With summer coming closer I will be making sea themed cards and those sea colors will come in handy!

The card we made on Thursday was seathemed as well. Look at the cute seahorse and the beautiful seaweed!

We also used gilding flakes on the alcohol ink background. Those are the silver and bronze parts you can see on the seaweed. I loved it that I could try out these new products.

If you would like to follow a cardmaking workshop, Crafts & Things is the place to be!

I enjoyed making this card and I hope you like it too! See you soon!

Gnomes on Mothersday.

Hi everyone! First of all, a happy Mothersday to all mom’s reading this blog 🙂

Today I’m sharing a card with you that I made with the Oh gnome stampset from Lawn Fawn.

My husband needed a card for his mom’s Motherday. I made a lovely scene were he is the male gnome and his mom is the female gnome. As you can see, he tells her how much he loves her and gives her some flowers to thank her. Isn’t it cute?

I made the patterned background myself by stamping and coloring the images. It’s always so much fun if you can do that and make everything go well togheter.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!


Hi everyone! A few days ago I saw this beautiful designed card from Mindy Eggen. I loved it so much that I wanted to make a card like that too. So I did…

While Mindy used glitterpaper as base to blend her ink on, I had to come up with something different. I took Bristol smooth paper and blended a background with distress ink. After that, I put a thin layer of Nuvo glimmer paste on it and let that dry.

I really love how colorful and sparkly the background is. The stamp is from a small Dutch company, CarlijnDesign, and it fits the card perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these glitterclouds!

See you soon!

Summer is coming!

Hi everyone! We had beautiful weather with Easter and I went to the beach with my family. I love the beach and the sea. How can you not when you see this?

After a day in the sun and on the beach, I felt like making a summer themed card. I had a new stampset that I bought from a friend, that was perfect for it. The Simon Says Stamp ‘Summer cuddly critters’ set.

I really enjoyed making this card. I’m so in love with this stampset!

I hope you get a summer feeling too when you look at my card!

See you soon!